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The online shop is intended for the UK mainland only.

Now that the UK is no longer part of Europe the exporting of many of our products has become infinitely more complicated with many species requiring CITES export and Import documentation which would incur delays and considerable additional expense to the customer.
This together with exceptionally high increased carriage costs from our couriers
means we are unable to ship internationally at this time.
Sorry for any inconvenience
Best regards Steve Keys.

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Acoustic Guitar Back & Side sets.

Acoustic Back & Side sets in a wide variety of species .
In Classical & Western sizes .

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Guitars Soundboards.

Soundboards in German Spruce. Sitka Spruce, Engelmann Spruce
& Western Red Cedar.

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Ukulele tonewood.

Ukulele Back, Side & Top sets in a wide variety of species .
Ukulele Back & Side sets in a wide variety of species .
Ukulele German Spruce Soundboards.
Ukulele neck blanks & fingerboards in a wide variety of species.

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Neck blanks

Neck blanks in Mahogany, Flame Maple. Plain Maple & Walnut

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Inside the box.

All things inside the Box, bracewood, back strips, Kerf linings and Neck & Tail blocks and Internal wood components packs.

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Guitar Fingerboards Blanks.

Fingerboards Blanks in a variety of species.

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Brazilian Cedar Guitar Neck Blanks

Neck Blanks in Brazilian Cedar.

Please note because this species has CITES Appendix 2 status, at this time we are unable to ship them outside the United Kingdom

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Electric Guitar Body Blanks.

Body blanks in Mahogany, Swamp Ash, Black Limba, Alder & Walnut.

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Arch top Carved back Mandolin.

Flame maple back & side sets.
German Spruce soundboard wedges.
Flame maple neck blanks.
Mandolin fingerboards in a variety of species.

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Bindings, Perflings, Inlays & back strips

Bindings, Perflings, Inlays & back strips
Plus our custom service.

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Electric Guitar DropTops.

Drop Tops in a variety of beautiful decorative species.

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Electric Guitar Curly Flame Maple
Carved Top Blanks

Carved Top Blanks in Curly Flame Maple.

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Head Plates.

Head Plates in a variety of species.

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Finished bridges,Bridge pins,
End pins, Strap pins,
Pic’s, Nuts & Saddles.

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Dyed Veneer

Dyed Veneer for making bindings & perflings.

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Decorative veneers for guitar body facings

Decorative veneers can greatly enhance the overall aesthetics of a guitar, and can be used either in building or to give an old tired instrument a much needed face lift.
Either way the end results can be startlingly beautiful.

luthiers supplies, automotive and general woodcraft.

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Our factory and contact details

If you wish to visit our premises in person, please contact our office first. so as to ensure that the appropriate members of staff will be available to assist you.

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Not just a business!

Luthiers supplies are NOT just a business for us. here guitars and guitar playing are an obsession

Steve Keys
with Clapton Junction.

Suppliers of Tonewoods for Luthiers UK Based .

We are a family company that has been trading in Luthiers supplies in the UK for many years, dealing mainly in the wholesale market. about 20 years ago we finally decided to offer our Tonewood stocks directly to Luthiers supplies & guitar repair supplies uk
At that time our name may have be unfamiliar in the world of luthier supplies, aside from the other Luthiers Supplies UK & Tonewood stockists ,the larger guitar factories and guitar shops with a thriving repair department, despite this our tonewoods would have probably found their way onto many of the Instruments that had left your workshop during those years.
Now, we are delighted to say that our retail profile has risen hugely around the world.
We continue to supply the Trade as well as professional and amateur luthiers & Repairs in the UK and around the world!

Over many years of importing hardwoods for tonewoods and our inlay banding company, we have built up an extensive network of contacts around the world, and are able to secure some of the finest Tonewoods for Luthiers, much of which is cut in house.

So whether you are a master luthier, or a guitarist, wishing to build or repair your own guitar, we can offer you some of the finest ACOUSTIC, CLASSICAL AND ELECTRIC TONEWOODS available today.

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Acclimatising your tonewood to your workshop.

We would strongly recommend that all tonewoods be allowed to fully acclimatise to your workshop before undertaking any work.
Items should be stored in stick then strapped or weighted.

Wherever possible all our tonewoods like Rosewoods, Ebony, Mahogany etc have been kiln dried before putting into stock.
Kilning is not always possible due to the nature of the species as it may cause excessive cracking or discolouration, in which case it will be air dried and will have a slightly higher moisture content.

Guitar made by David Rouse.

Details of carriage costs

Although we still do not have a minimum order value requirement on orders placed through this website, we will no longer be using the cheaper courier services due to the number of lost parcels being reported to us. All our Luthiers Supplies UK parcels will now be dispatched DHL standard.

The online shop is intended for the UK mainland only.

Customers wishing to purchase from outside the UK mainland should contact the office +44 (0) 1702 200047 to ensure that there are no legal CITES export restrictions on the products they wish to purchase.
and for a carriage quote to your destination.

Returns and Refunds

The goods must be inspected upon receipt and the office contacted immediately.
the wood must be as it was shipped to you and unmachined.
the customers expectations should be commensurate with the grade they have purchased.

How our backs and sides are graded.

Classical backs 500mm x 190mm x 3.8mm minimum(2x) .
Classical sides 775mm x 100mm x 3.2mm minimum(2x) .
Western backs 550mm x 210mm x 3.8mm minimum(2x).
Western sides 800mm x 130mm x 3.2mm minimum(2x) .

In the case of species that are available in fairly large logs, Mahogany, Indian Rosewood Wenge, Maple etc, the grading criteria are as follows.

AAA Grade.

Fully quarter sawn.

AA Grade.

Quarter sawn going into slab sawn on one edge.

A Grade

is slab sawn.


On occasion one or more asterisks my be added to the above grades to denote a set that is aesthetically more pleasing by virtue of figure and or colour.

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